About Us

Bear Industries is a real estate development company that operates throughout the United States specialize in the rebuilding of abandoned and distressed properties into affordable, modern rental property to either be held or sold for a profit.


Our founder Teddy Miller started the company mid 2018 as a side business to create passive income in addition to his construction company and other businesses.

 At first he was very skeptical, and had no idea he had just created something that would eventually change his life.

Over time the business started to grow at such a rapid rate that Teddy Miller was having to find more and more creative ways to fund the projects as he was waiting on banking approval for his extremely profitable projects which could take up to 4 months.

In 2021 Teddy and his team developed a program called Bearlute.com where he would essentally cut out the middleman “the bank” and work with investors directly

Fast forward a few years Bear Industries has holdings in multiple locations, produces several million in annual revenue, and 20% of their current funding comes directly from investors.

Who have been extremely happy with their success with this company.